HALBERDIER Real Estate is able to plan, manage, and execute a full menu of project management services, from conceptual design and preconstruction planning to move-in coordination.

HALBERDIER will engage your project initially at the beginning of the real estate transaction by orchestrating the selection processes involved in selecting a space planner and/or architect, the contractor, and any other consultants we identify. From conceptual layout to the “punch list”, we help
you control the design-build out of your space without burdening you with the numerous meetings,
inspections, and details that can be quite onerous.

HALBERDIER’S involvement allows you to:

  • Make better informed decisions regarding issues that are outside your area of expertise and, in some cases, interest; and
  • Remain focused on your business and its daily operations while your key personnel can remain focused on his or her job requirements while not being distracted with all the decisions, meetings, paperwork, and battles that otherwise may take your eye off of the ball.


  • Tenant ImprovementProjects
  • Design/Build Development
  • Strategic Planning/Programming
  • Architectural Design and Site Planning
  • Build-To-Suit Development ? Move Coordination
  • Furnishing Procurement ? Construction Management
  • Renovation/Rehabilitation
  • JV Vendor for all HALBERDIER Assets

Attention to the Details

We manage QAQC from beginning to end providing the appropriate project documentation, precise budgeting, scheduling, coordination, and cost control. HRE Project Management team devotes themselves to your real estate asset/relocation/project while you and your staff can be devoted to your business.

Dependable Trusted Relationships

Our focus is to provide you with one reliable source that saves you cost through value engineering, effective negotiation and volume pricing through our experienced, qualified and dependable professionals and project teams.
While your business may only go through one project, development, relocation every decade, we spend every day helping clients with the process. Because of this, we have developed a network of contractors, vendors, and other professionals that enable our clients to enjoy the benefit of dependability and reduced cost. Through economies of scale, our repeat business enables our contractors to work on slimmer margins due to increased volume. HALBERDIER takes out the guess work and research that many companies go through while trying to select vendors through the “good old boy” network, yellow pages or distant referrals.
We follow your project from planning to end providing the appropriate project documentation and providing budgeting and cost control, scheduling and schedule management, total project coordination and project close out. WE SIMPLY CARE MORE THAN OTHERS ABOUT YOU!!

HALBERDIER Approach Resulting Benefits
Single Point of Contact Responsiveness
Competitive Bidding Value
Experience Managed Throughout Process
Efficiency Minimized Business Interruption
Focus Cost and Time Savings
You pay a small % fee for it, but if time is important to you and if you want to minimize your risks for the next 4-24 months, HALBERDIER Project Management and/or Construction Management can maximize VALUE and determine the success of your project.

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