1. Project – manifest – visualize your next year out- in your mind –

Visually, what it takes and feel the deals closing, meetings being set, and see lots of $$ in your savings – now multiply that by 10 times of focused intensity.  Daily you must zoom in to present – and zoom out to positive future.  Strip out all negative toxic thought.  Fear is a liar!!


  1. Pray to Higher Power for Him to “not give you what you want – but as much as you can possibly handle “


  1. Understand and memorize our core values – thank God, I have always been a team player – team players make way more than lone rangers- always. We call this the abundance mentality


  1. Go the extra mile – even when it hurts – you must realize what school, parents or old bosses taught you is probably not effective in today’s world – yes – you were programmed like a robot maybe the wrong way to have fun – and make $$— listen and execute what Trey and mentors encourage – it actually works!!


  1. Uber uber uber connected- linked in, Facebook, Instagram – only post effective fun loving noble things – be attractive to all people – be gravitas!! Think like whatever you post will be on an i.45 N billboard.  Grow up, and still be a kid at heart!  Ask people to connect via messenger and message on all social media!!  Go to all local and city networking events – schedule now today!!!


  1. Spend time with Trey and 3-5 other mentors every week- wisdom must be seeked and wanted to be received – “I’m too busy “is lame excuse. You will be average if you don’t execute this step – eagles fly with eagles – don’t ever hang with buzzards.  You are pretty close correlation to the 5 people you hang out with


  1. Find God – The burden and yoke must be placed upon Him- you cannot do this alone – this doesn’t mean go to church every Sunday (albeit that helps) – this means let  The Holy Spirit in- let God dwell inside your heart and mind – find a book, read parts of bible, talk to me or mentors, be more gravitas – your life will change I promise.  He is working in me every day – be grateful!


  1. Exercise – relax – chillax- find something to do @ least 2 times per week non- real estate work related – get quiet – go swim, yoga, work out, play at park – chill baby!! (This does not say go get shitfaced drunk or high – I found that only exacerbates your current issues- it’s a fake mask to cover pain)


  1. Love Love Love -this is our main commandment – HRE HResi is a love vessel of truth and grace – can you really handle the Truth- are you really working effectively – or are you kind of coasting.  Come talk to me- “can you handle the truth “we will Handle with grace 🙂


  1. We Obey – God wins. The more I understand this – the more my Life gets better- thanks be to God.  I used to not like this command – as a wild stallion – me me me – now it’s Him Him Him!  Think about this