Wow wow wow —  GOD BLESS YOU all AND AMERICA!!  Thank you Army Vet, HRE team member and brother in Christ Robert for his message below.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SHARING Robert – and all our brothers and sisters – I AM enveloped in COMPLETE AND UTTER GRATITUDE- GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA!!!!  The HALBERDIER Team and fellow alliances are on a mission to change the world- back to goodness, love and faith- one person at a time- one relationship at a time- to draw closer to what matters most on this planet- Salvation, Obedience, Peace, Love, Freedom and Wholeness in doing real Life together.  Enjoy the rain and Independence Day and knowing we are not alone and loved dearly – and we will do this together- HRE ~ Hresi~ AGAPE LEGACY LP and GRAVITAS Living cares deeply for you and our faith, veterans, families, communities thru the divine Holy Spirit  – they will know we are lovers of Jesus by our love.   “Our Best Gravitas Living for His Glory”  Trey Halberdier


Two hundred and forty-two years ago, our forefathers made a Declaration they knew would make them traitors to the crown, criminals, and would very likely cost them their lives. They went to war against the world’s greatest military power at the time in what was seemingly an unwinnable conflict.

Why did they do it? They did it because their belief in the Cause was absolute and their desire was an unquenchable blaze.

Today we celebrate that declaration, but we seldom think about the struggle and sacrifice that was required of the earliest Americans: men, women, and children. Thirteen years of war in their towns, fields, back yards. Homes burned to the ground. Fathers and brothers and sons slaughtered.

And yet they persisted and ultimately won their independence. And ours.

Enjoy this day as you spend time with family and friends. But, also, please remember what we celebrate and the great sacrifices and grit of our forebears.

And then honor them tomorrow and every day after with the same determination and drive to fight for what you believe in.

Happy Independence Day,

Robert Thomson- EVP and General Counsel- HALBERDIER Real Estate LLC