HALBERDIER’S FANATICAL DISCIPLINE in QUALITY OUTPUTS maximizing integrated REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS is unmatched and best described as:




HALBERDIER Real Estate and related HALBERDIER Companies believe in CORE VALUES, GRIT, COMMITMENT AND INTEGRATED QUALITY outputs across all product and service lines.

Great companies require amazing team members who care more and ask better questions.  To achieve a proactive strategic approach to all real estate projects,

internal and external measures are fanatically expected, observed and tracked to ensure the client, investor and user experience is first class and exceptional.


As Founder Trey Halberdier states, “We are overly keen on our hungry, humble and smart evaluative judgment and overall processes when approaching any project assignment.  We created and deploy Q-TECCA for optimal quality control, excellence and assurances thru over communication and team collaboration of our responses to the market and high expectations of our clients and investors.”


HALBERDIER simply cares as much about the little things- as the little things are big things and this permeates thru The H Real Estate culture.

The H Team tracks their Q-TECCA outputs via weekly meetings and pulse checks on urgent important tasks, noticing, awareness and open door mini huddles.

Accountability and responsibility on specific tasks are outlined, and called upon weekly to ensure Q-TECCA for the project, people and mission.


Q-TECCA has resulted in the following for HALBERDIER clients and investors:

  • reducing occupancy costs up to 25% for our corporate clients
  • maximizing yield for our owner and seller clients and partners via proprietary analyses
  • confidential better practices for our investor partners who expect more reporting and results
  • synergies with vendor selection and program management for our asset management systems and projects
  • canvassing and real time intelligence for prospective clients and investors prior to engagement
  • experienced advisory board and executive team providing direct oversight and deal making gifts to team and partners


Please connect now with our Team who cares more, will ask you the better questions, and execute brilliantly – as your relationship and business matters.  Connect now at info@theHrealestate.com.

Our Promise is Quality across the entire real estate spectrum.