HALBERDIER Holdings Gamble – Doubles Down around The Woodlands, TX Real Estate Market

The Woodlands TX – 12.26.15

Trey Halberdier, President of HALBERDIER Real Estate LLC and HALBERDIER Holdings LLC, has a simple enduring vision around the thriving North Houston suburb of The Woodlands TX. “We Create Exceptional Real Estate Opportunities”, says Halberdier.  “It all starts with unshakable vision, faith and core values – alongside great team members, intricate processes and brilliant execution in a solid market”.

The story of HALBERDIER is one of purpose, resilience, courage and sacrifice. Trey Halberdier launched The H Real Estate/The HALBERDIER Companies brand www.theHrealestate.com in 2013, after a successful 12 years in brokerage & investment CRE with Houston’s top firms, and one he co-founded in 2008. By design, HALBERDIER laid a strong foundation in arguably one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the country. The Woodlands, Texas area has it all–robust industry, a thriving community, and sterling live, work, play and pray accommodations.

Currently, a feverish uncertainty permeates the Houston lifeblood in the Energy sectors – namely the Oil and Gas industry with oil plummeting below the $40/barrel mark. Commercial real estate ultimately feels the brunt of corporate O&G layoffs and overall contraction. Yet, Houston now has a more diversified workforce and industry. The Woodlands area is prepared with estimated industry to be 30% Energy, 20% Medical, 20% Educational and remainder banking & professional services.  HALBERDIER Holdings thrives in the “mixed use” real estate envelope-proving up why Trey Halberdier’s team is specifically targeting medical, educational, and retail type users.

One of HALBERDIER’s most notable strengths, is finding great deals and capitalizing on market dynamics, good or bad. Contrarian investing is on the horizon, market corrections are evident, and construction pricing is leveling out while interest rates remain low. This array of conditions feeds HALBERDIER’s vision with plans for over half a billion in mixed use commercial real estate projects, within a 15 mile radius of The Woodlands.  Halberdier notes, “Mixed-use projects are most fascinating to us as we have the ability to shift quickly with the market, and fulfill real estate needs that may have been overlooked in the hot market times. We are bullish on medical, retail, and the educational sectors.  Office, flex industrial and multi-family are sluggish, so we pivot and execute.”

Market fundamentals and intelligence are the compass for many developers. HALBERDIER feels their land holdings are strategic and precise, to insure against uncertainty and chaos. While the capital markets are tightening the belts and sensitive debt coverage ratios ensue, HALBERDIER is seeking more private equity, family offices and trusted debt and equity sources. The emerging investment and development firm is growing its operations and brand–while scaling with cautious and creative optimism.

The future for commercial real estate seems uncertain, but HALBERDIER Holdings and their respective partners possess a beacon of opportunity and movement, in an otherwise pragmatic and paralyzed Houston environment.