HALBERDIER Holdings has been priming up for major success past few years.   Despite an oil and gas downturn in Houston TX, The H Real Estate is thinking and acting globally.

Thanks to a robust medical and retail sector in commercial real estate propping up user demand, HALBERDIER’s prime land positions all around The Woodlands TX are hedged for about any market situation.  “The beauty of having exceptional land positions in a mixed use plan, allows our firm to pivot and be fluid as the market allows us to be“, says CEO Trey Halberdier. “We are especially focused on the retail, medical and research sectors.” 

HALBERDIER has always been keen on market intelligence as it relates to emerging trends, macro economics, local supply and demand factors, contrarian investing and operating with empirical creativity when it comes to investing millions in any one property.   When other CRE enterprises stood on the sidelines, The H team was engaged in full contact blocking and tackling.

The H game plan has now entered the front lines of rapid expansion of its portfolio footprint, it’s team, and venture capital execution while taking the assets vertical in every sense.   “In a time when lenders and other capital partners seem skittish, we have been fortunate to align with some of the top family offices and VC partners to execute our positions”, Halberdier notes.  “We are vigilant and diligent in our underwriting, sourcing and user procurement- and overall optimistic of what the Houston market is telling us despite the O&G headlines- we look at our pipeline in terms of 2 to 10 year horizons”.

The commercial real estate development business takes some important variables into account- time, money, experience and risks.  Trey Halberdier and his team seem to embrace all the gravity in stride as the H portfolio plans to eclipse the $250 Million mark going into 2017.  connect now info@theHrealestate.com