THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — HALBERDIER Real Estate’s President, Trey Halberdier and one of his private investors, have closed another “high flying” commercial real estate project.  +/- 17 Acres at the NE corner of 336 N Loop and FM 3083, two major Conroe roadways, are the proverbial runway for Conroe SKY Crossings’ new mixed use commercial real estate project.

HALBERDIER Holdings and The H Real Estate (, and their respective private equity and capital sources have soared to a $30+Million land asset valuation in less than 2 years.  The H vertical development pipeline calls for over $200 Million of mixed use projects in next 3 years.  “We are extremely bullish on every single North Houston sub market we deploy resources and capital, and every one of our projects has a special story – as to why our assets are exceptional, unique, with major upside,” says Chief Believer Trey Halberdier.  “We underwrite our acquisitions to make money on the buy, on day 1 – the vertical development is then an added bonus.”

As for the newest asset to The Halberdier Companies’ portfolio, Conroe SKY Crossings, the same story holds true.  With thousands of new roof tops, the new 248-acre Deison Technology Park, the City of Conroe Business parks, and expanded Lone Star Conroe Airport runway and US Customs checkpoint, the Conroe SKY project is primed for takeoff.  The flight plan calls for sunny blue skies in the form of significant retail, pad sites, casual dining, hotel, office, lifestyle and entertainment venue uses.

Some other notable landmarks in the immediate area are the new Stripes Gas and Convenience neighbor, The Black Forest Galaxy FBO private hangar (some real nice toys here) and the trendy Black Walnut restaurant (where you dine and watch the jets fly in).

Montgomery County permitting, clearing and engineering is now underway.  Pad sites are available and inline retail will commence soon.  The H gravitas and discipline to create exceptional real estate opportunities are fueling up all around North Houston, now stretching out of Harris and Montgomery Counties – stay connected and inquire for more leasing, sales and investment opportunities.  The HALBERDIER Companies plan to raise more private equity with trusted investors and sources into 2016 with target capital raise exceeding $100 Million for CRE placement.


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