It is year end for all of us – and onto 2018.

One thing is constant for HALBERDIER Real Estate (Commercial, Mixed Use, and Residential) multidimensional entrepreneurial platform-  and THAT IS CHANGE!




HALBERDIER Holdings LLC and its related companies have a one page game plan and pays a premium for simplicity and core values.  The burgeoning business plan calls for 10 new producers by next June 2018- and an increase of 20% in revenues year after year.  The Woodlands and Exxon Area, despite the low oil and gas prices, is priming the pump for all mixed use product types concerning real estate.    The following are reasons why HALBERDIER will win  big league…

  1. The Trump Tax Reform –  save you  money!
  2. The Texas Shale plays – God Bless Texas
  3. Net migration of people and jobs to area – we even hire Yankees 😉
  4. Skilled local workforce  – our People Matter Greatly
  5. HALBERDIER’s Live, Work, Pray, Learn and Play Backyard and Business Model
  6. Expansion around the edges of The Woodlands- HRE is converting over $100,000,000 of Assets into Prime Mixed Use Development
  7. Sterling Brand – be Strong and of Good Courage
  8. Culture – our H Family is fun, makes money, and we have each others back
  9. Core Values – we  always do the next right thing!
  10. Robust Pipeline- The Woodlands and North Houston prime demographics and ideal Investment, Development, Brokerage/Advisory, and Management climate supporting HALBERDIER’s $250MM planned development

HALBERDIER has a simple competitive advantage- Organizational Health, Peer to Peer Accountability, and Healthy Conflict built on Trust, Uber Commitment, Mental Toughness and Brilliant Execution.

Connect with HALBERDIER NOW- the movement is underway and the point of inflection is upon us!


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